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Marine insurance

Willis Towers Watson is one of the world's oldest institution, which arranges marine insurance. The beginning of the company proceeding in the marine insurance area dates back to 1828, and until now it is one of the main sectors of our interests.
We have specialized centers of marine insurance in London, Ipswich, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Detroit, New Orleans, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Our business scope covers all lines of marine insurance, but the specialty of the company is arranging insurance programs tailored to individual customer needs. Our local office is able to arrange comprehensive insurance for marine risks with the utilisation of international insurance.
Willis Polska marine insurance team, follows the principle of "international resources available locally" provides to Polish customers an insurance solutions used in the international market. The result of our actions are always measurable benefits obtained by customers: reduction of insurance premiums and optimization of the range of coverage.

Piotr Dudek, 
Managing Director of Marine Insurance Department
tel.+48 58 73 26 804

Piotr Dudek